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What benefit will I get out of a fuel system cleaning?

Cordova Auto Centers Answer:
Well, the dirtier your fuel system is, the bigger the improvement you’ll see in performance and fuel economy. But it’s key not to wait until your engine is running poorly, you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars in gas or maybe even damaged your fuel injectors and catalytic converter.

Look, gasoline is a petroleum-based product and will leave some residue, gum and varnish along the way. Some of that can find its way into your fuel injectors and interfere with their vital job. The fuel injectors do just that – inject fuel into your family car engine. They spray a precise amount of fuel, at a precise time, in a precise pattern, at a precise pressure. When they are dirty this vital precision just isn’t possible. So your family car engine can run rough. Also carbon deposits build up on valves and in the combustion chamber. Fuel economy suffers and performance is degraded.

These detrimental conditions allow excess unburned fuel to pass out through the exhaust to accumulate in the catalytic converter – which can lead to it overheating and failing for San Antonio drivers. So bad fuel efficiency, poor engine performance and the chance of having to replace pricey fuel injectors and catalytic converters – all potential problems for San Antonio car owners with dirty family car fuel systems.

A professional fuel system cleaning in San Antonio cleans out deposits, fuel injectors and the air induction system. San Antonio auto owners get optimal power, performance and fuel efficiency and it helps avoid expensive future repairs.

Now I said professional fuel system cleaning: this isn’t just pouring a bottle in the gas tank. Cleaner is added into the fuel system with a special tool attached to a vacuum source and there is some manual scrubbing of the throttle body and air induction system. If you are experiencing a rough idle or unusually poor fuel efficiency, ask your friendly Cordova Auto Centers service advisor if a professional fuel system cleaning at Cordova Auto Centers in San Antonio is in order.

Fuel Injector Cleaning At Cordova Auto Centers In San Antonio

Something we hear quite frequently from San Antonio drivers is that their fuel economy is down and their family car just doesn’t have the pep it used to. When that happens, one of the things we look for is clogged fuel injectors.

The engine management computer tells your fuel injectors exactly when to squirt fuel into your family car engine. It is essential that clean fuel injectors spray the right amount of gasoline or diesel fuel in a nice, specific spray pattern. A dirty injector can’t spray enough fuel and it comes out in an uneven, weak pattern.

When Converse auto owners’ fuel injectors are dirty or clogged, the fuel just can’t burn as efficiently, which causes gas mileage to drop. And your family car engine can’t make as much power.

Fuel injectors just get dirty over time. Gas and diesel fuel cause varnish and gum to build up in your fuel injectors, especially if you buy bargain gas in Converse. If your fuel injectors get too dirty, they can be damaged and need to be replaced – which can be pretty costly.

The good news is that a professional fuel injector cleaning at Cordova Auto Centers in San Antonio can get all that gunk out of your injectors. They’ll be able to spray the right amount of fuel, at exactly the right time, and in the right spray pattern. Your gas mileage will be restored in Converse along with your family car engine performance. Fuel injectors are cleaned as part of a comprehensive fuel system cleaning that includes the induction system (throttle plates, intake manifold, idle air by-pass passages and, if applicable, the mass airflow sensor).

So ask your friendly service specialist about fuel injector cleaning in San Antonio at Cordova Auto Centers to get your engine running like new.

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